? Titanium selected in Independent Top IPA’s ?

Fantastic news, Quantock Titanium West Coast IPA has been selected as one of the top IPA’s to enjoy this summer.

They said:

Best: For complexity

We knew this was going to be delicious as soon as we poured it, revealing a marshmallowy froth and a hazy, peachy-pink golden hue. That might suggest it’s sweet and simple, though it’s neither, really. There are classic west coast characteristics of bitter pine and citrus, though it also brings in charred pineapple, hay and a smokiness that’s reminiscent of a tangy brie.

The creamy texture and mousse-like bubbles mean it slips down easily, though its potent flavours – beautifully balanced as they are – might not appeal to those who prefer fruitier styles. Those who love peaty whiskies, though, are likely to adore it. This would stand up wonderfully to a range of foods, too, from peppery stews to strong cheeses.


You can read the article here or get your hands on some freshly canned Titanium here.



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