Our approach to brewing is simple :
We want to produce consistently great tasting beers of styles from easy drinking, to highly hopped , high strength beers -from our core range to our Ltd Edition small batch brews and specials. It’s our mission to showcase beer in all its forms , helping people discover new styles and re-invented old favourites.

Our ingrained desire to push the limits has set us apart from other small independent breweries.

With over 100 industry recognised awards , that we are extremely proud of , we are beer lovers with a clear mission , learning everything we can about this beautiful liquid.

As the beer world has evolved so have we , adding all manner of beer styles to our bow and constantly pushing the boundaries of what we create.

We believe we make beer for EVERYONE.

At QB we brew beer with passion , creating new beers and continuously improving our brewing process so our quality continues to accelerate.

As a team we celebrate beer in all its forms and commit ourselves to continually improving our skills and equipment to evolve and make our beer the best it can be. We love sharing new ideas and are all intense about what we create.

We’re not satisfied with okay. We seek AMAZING.

Beer is a wonderful thing. Drinking a truly great beer is one of the pleasures that makes you feel glad to be alive. To make great beer that brings some of that life-affirming pleasure to people is what we at Quantock aspire to do.

Quantock was founded for, THE LOVE OF BEER ……… back in December 2007

Our Technical Director and Co-founder. Rob , first purchased a home brew kit from Boots back in the late 70’s. Extremely disappointed that it didn’t produce the quality of beer he desired. Rob , a former nuclear head engineer, decided the only thing for it was to build his own kit from scratch in his garage. And the rest is history.

We originally set ourselves up in a unit tucked away on an industrial park in Wellington. Somerset. 6 years down the line , and it was evident we had outgrown our present premises and was on the hunt for a new home.

So to Bishops Lydeard we moved , a unit 5 times bigger and just a 2 minute walk from The West Somerset Railway, the longest heritage, steam railway in England.

Now we had the space we craved to increase capacity, start up a brewery shop and open up the doors to our beloved Taproom.

Fast forwarding on and with the input of investment from new partners in 2022

A NEW 30HL Brew Bloc 4 was installed , enabling us to brew a much greater volume of beer to reach out across the UK and beyond.

Starting the brewery has been a journey like no other and not a day goes by where we don’t learn something new.

Challenging, yes. Hard work , yes. Worth it ? Absolutely YES.
We eat , breathe and sleep it !


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