Quantock Brewery unveils canning line

Investing in the UK-manufactured canning equipment gives the team greater flexibility to bring to market new beers and keep up with demand for their already popular craft can core range.

Co-founder and managing director, Cheryl Ford, said: “When we started brewing in 2007, craft beer in a can wasn’t something that people really considered. But, craft brewers have led the way in using canning technology to showcase their creativity and chemistry skills.

“We’ve seen a significant shift in how people buy their beer, and our own canning line gives us even more control in our processes. Cans are lighter, designed to stack, easier to transport, 100% recyclable, and our customers appreciate that cans chill more quickly so they can reach for their favourite brews when the mood takes them.

“Our inventive and skilled brew crew can’t wait to see our passionately crafted beer roll off our very own canning line.”

Due to growing demand, Quantock Brewery has expanded its Bishops Lydeard premises, taking on the unit next doorand adding 3,000 square feet of space to its site.

Quantock creates a classic range of ales and modern range of craft, hop-led beers, including in-demand QPA and Titanium. The Past, Present and Future series features small-batch brews that draw inspiration from Quantock Brewery’s heritage and showcase the talented brewing team’s skills to deliver contemporary small-batch beers.


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