• Unknown Path

    We’ve created another hugely flavoursome NEIPA. This juicy , pillowy , quaffable super sauce gives an awesome mouthfeel as the tropical flavours wash over the tongue. It’s an absolute belter.
  • Obsessed with… Mystic

    Another new hop for us here at QB , this hop was voted into the series by feedback from our awesome sales team. This pale features plush and soft themes , with scenes of an extremely fruity nature throughout.
  • Obsessed with… Sabro

    Another new hop for us here at QB , but its popularity in the craft beer world has earned it a place in our obsessed line-up. With an aroma to die for and BIG fresh tropical flavours with notes of tangerine, coconut and peach. Will go great with fresh air and long-missed mates
  • Peachy Blinder

    Using peach purée and our house lager base , we have created a real refreshing fruited lager that needs no messing with.
  • Get 4 of each of our 3 core beers in one handy pack. QPA - QPA is by far our most popular beer; enjoyed and adored by a growing fan base. It is also our most decorated beer, amassing many regional and national awards. This super sessionable pale ale hosts a late hopping schedule in both kettle and cold side with two huge American house favourites for enormous citrus flavours and aroma. Hops: Citra, Mosaic Titanium - Since its release, Titanium has risen to be one of the most popular beers in the QB range, grabbing multiple Regional and National awards. Boasting a classic West Coast malt base and hops to suit, this QB favourite delivers dominating flavours of Tropical, Citrus and Pine. Hops: Citra, Ekuanot Lager Than Life - Lager than Life is a delicately balanced and lightly hopped lager with a seductive golden glow and a crisp refreshing finish. Using a combination of Extra Pale and Pilsner malt for the base, with the descendant pairing of Czech and New Zealand hops that wistfully exude floral and citrus notes. Hops: Motueka, Saaz