🚨 NEWS BEER ALERT 🚨 Small IPA – Featherweight – 3%


Featherweight is the sister beer to our previous Small IPA brew β€˜Little and Fierce’. After proving hugely popular, we've cut this brew back even more to see how low we can go. Using the same yeast as our NEIPAs and a carefully selected combination of US hops to give hits of grapefruit and citrus flavours and [...]

🚨 NEWS BEER ALERT 🚨 Small IPA – Featherweight – 3%2021-01-19T09:21:00+01:00

🚨 NEWS ALERT 🚨 10% Off During TRYanuary


Tryanuary.....It’s not about drinking more . It’s about trying something different, tasting something new and experiencing something interesting. So we are offering 10% off throughout January via our online shop. Just use code QB10OFF when you check out. Taste your way through our beers and experience pure liquid goodness Β  Look after yourselves out there and [...]

🚨 NEWS ALERT 🚨 10% Off During TRYanuary2021-01-12T13:03:24+01:00

🚨 NEW BEER ALERT 🚨 One for the Chilly Bin


NZ Pale Ale - 4.2% abv In New Zealand "Chilly Bin” is slang for Beer Cooler and this is one beer you'll want to be packing more than one of in your fridge . New Zealand hops are distinctively punchy and aromatic; combined with our house pale base to showcase the citrus, grapefruit and resinous notes [...]

🚨 NEW BEER ALERT 🚨 One for the Chilly Bin2021-01-11T11:59:48+01:00

🚨 NEW BEER ALERT 🚨 Obsessed with… Amarillo


For our 2021 series we are brewing a Ltd Edition single hop range called β€˜ Obsessed with β€˜ Team QB have chosen 12 amazing hops to showcase over the year , with a mix of our frequently used favourites and adding in some new exciting varieties too. Each month will see us use our signature house [...]

🚨 NEW BEER ALERT 🚨 Obsessed with… Amarillo2021-01-07T17:00:28+01:00