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The Voss – 440ml


o we thought we’d brew one. For the first time ever we’ve kettle soured prior to boiling up this classic German Wheat beer with an abundance of raspberry purée.
The reddish pink appearance gets the mouth watering, ready for a rush of rich raspberry smoothie and citric sour touch . Low hop levels let the raspberries, lactose and malt dominate , with a sweet yet vividly tart mouthfeel.
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Voss is the region of villages in Norway where our newest strain of yeast originates.
Kviek ( pronounced K – Vike ) means yeast in Norwegian local dialect and is traditionally used in Norwegian farmhouse beers. We have used the Kviek the Quantock way. A smooth pale ale base , trio of BIG American hops and combined with the yeast will kick out a subtle funky and fruity punch.
HOPS  :  Azzaca , Cashmere , Mosaic.

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