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Little & Fierce – 440ml


o we thought we’d brew one. For the first time ever we’ve kettle soured prior to boiling up this classic German Wheat beer with an abundance of raspberry purée.
The reddish pink appearance gets the mouth watering, ready for a rush of rich raspberry smoothie and citric sour touch . Low hop levels let the raspberries, lactose and malt dominate , with a sweet yet vividly tart mouthfeel.
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3.2%   Pale Ale

This small IPA is a scaled up version of the most popular pilot brew we’ve done for our Taproom , sold out in less than an hour.

This left our customers wanting for more , so here it is. Using the same yeast as in our NEIPA’s , we’ve created an extremely session-able and modern low ABV beer , with an awesome mix of US hops to give , huge tropical flavour and aroma.

The low strength yet immense flavour gave us its name ………. Little & Fierce.

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