We have expanded our brewing capacity so have the bandwidth to provide contract brewing.

Who will this benefit?

  • New breweries who want to avoid the risk of investment
  • Those looking for their own branded beer such as pubs, restaurants and shops.
  • Existing breweries where demand has overtaken capacity
  • Those looking for a beer for their wedding or a special occasion.
  • Businesses looking for a corporate gift that is a little bit different.

We know people just want to test the water

We won’t tie you into a huge contract. You can start as small as a one-off brew or we can go bigger if you want a large regular volume.

  • Our brew team has over 40 years of experience of brewing brilliant beers across a large range of styles.
  • We’ve won numerous SIBA and CAMRA, Regional and National awards.
  • We are accredited by SIBA FSQ and in the process of being SALSA approved.
  • We are an approved supplier to the Co-op.

It’s your beer not ours, so it always starts with a discussion about you and your unique requirements. Get in touch to get the ball rolling. If you prefer face-to-face

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