Cheryl Ford

Managing Director & Founder

Siena, Salopian Brewery
Fav Quote:  And though she be but little she is fierce

Best thing is working with a Team that shares as much passion, innovation, enthusiasm and love for our beer as I do.


Rob Rainey

Chairman, Head Brewer

To many beers to pick just one, but I love drinking something I’ve brewed myself.
A geek at heart, Rob plays RPG games and has also taught himself to fly on simulators.
As a Nuclear engineer by trade, I love the opportunity to design and develop my own equipment that allows me to brew beer that I love to drink.

James Higgins

Brewhouse Manager

Weird Beard, Mariana Trench
I used to work as a chef where I picked up the nickname Sid, as other chefs thought I look like Sid from Ice Age, the name stuck and now people just call me Sid.
Brewing and consuming great beers daily.

Donna Hayman

Director of Sales

I do make a mean cake and also fancy myself as the next Mary Berry , or is it Nigela.

Giving the QB brewers the challenge of making a beer I like ( for a change ) . Its good to keep them on their toes 😉


Daniel Enticott


Modern times brewery, Mojito, a tart lime and mint flavoured beer. It was insane!
Like my good friend Billy Carter says, “Paintings are like a beer, only beer tastes good and it’s hard to stop drinking beer.”
The best thing about being a brewer is problem solving! Tasting beer and creatively trying to improve it using different techniques. There is so much to learn and try.

Rhys Ford

Trainee Brewer

The Ginger Ninja, who Won County Championships in two sports – Football & Rugby
Working the Beer Fest Weekend and being a guinea pig for the NEW small batches.

Sam O’Donnell


Difficult to choose as I tend not to stick to one beer or style. Last beer that blew me away was Cloudwater’s – Peach Bellini slushie

The lady who played LaLa in Teletubbies lives in the village I grew up in. She really likes chardonnay.

As an Apprentice at QB I’m in a prime position to learn and develop my skills in a rapidly expanding business.


Theresa Perry

Office Administrator

Somerset Curling Team Captain

Diversity and new opportunities in new role, in a growing business!

Ross Eastman

Brewery Shop & Taproom Senior

So many to choose from! I love the Bristol beer scene though, and Bristol Beer Factory’s Independence is a cracking weekend session drinker.

Probably the only one of the team who can ride a

Being in close contact with the best beer, and brewery team, in the South West.

Rob ‘Joe’ Lindley

Rob ‘Joe’ Lindley


There are other breweries?
When I’m not working here I’m usually doing something else.
Drayman – who would not like driving a big van full of beer down the narrowest roads I can find?

Josh Martin

Sales Executive

Shangri-la – Arbor Ales

I’m the reason you see chip costumes on Darts Nights.

Meeting new people , keeping great relationships and trying all the new brews here at QBHQ.

Jim Willis Boden

Sales Executive

Vibrant Forest – Pupa

Jim fancies himself as the next Prime Minister

Ive had a lifelong affair with this industry and beer. I can’t think of a cooler job than working for one of the most up and coming brews that has quality , consistent great tasting beer. We have an amazing team.

Robin Allen

Sales Executive