Cheryl Ford

Managing Director & Founder

Siena, Salopian Brewery
Fav Quote:  And though she be but little she is fierce

Best thing is working with a Team that shares as much passion, innovation, enthusiasm and love for our beer as I do.


Rob Rainey

Chairman, Head Brewer

To many beers to pick just one, but I love drinking something I’ve brewed myself.
A geek at heart, Rob plays RPG games and has also taught himself to fly on simulators.
As a Nuclear engineer by trade, I love the opportunity to design and develop my own equipment that allows me to brew beer that I love to drink.

Rhys Ford

Trainee Brewer

The Ginger Ninja, who Won County Championships in two sports – Football & Rugby
Working the Beer Fest Weekend and being a guinea pig for the NEW small batches.

James Higgins

Brewhouse Manager

Weird Beard, Mariana Trench
I used to work as a chef where I picked up the