Quantock Brewery

The Beers

Quantock Ale 3.8%Quantock Nightjar 3.9%Sunraker 4.2%Wills Neck 4.3%Quantock Stout 4.5%White Hind 4.5%Quantock Stag 6.0%Quantock Milestone 7.0%UXB 9.0%

Occasional & Seasonal Beers

Rocking Robin 3.9%Ginger Cockney 4.0%Plastered Pheasant 4.8%

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All of our beers can be bought online or in our brewery shop in Somerset

Traditional techniques, finest ingredients ...

All our beers are brewed from the finest ingredients using traditional craft brewing techniques to produce beers that are brimming with flavour and hop character, an alternative to the bland, sweet beers that are all too prevalent in most of the pubs these days. With the advent of the new breed of micro-breweries that are springing up around the country nowadays this situation is thankfully improving with many quality and varied beers becoming available to the discerning drinker.

The bulk of the malts we use to produce our beers are sourced from Tuckers Maltings in Devon with a few of the harder to get malts coming from Warminster Maltings in Wiltshire. Both these maltings use traditional floor malting methods that are unchanged for over a century together with modern monitoring techniques to produce malts of the highest quality for supply to the brewing trade. The main ingredient of all our beers is Maris Otter malt which is widely acclaimed amongst the brewing fraternity as ‘The Finest Brewing Malt in the World’. Although more costly than other pale malts, we feel that the difference it makes to the quality of the final product is well worth the additional expense. The pale malt is blended with other coloured malts and grain adjuncts in the mashtun to produce the different styles of beers both incolour and flavour from the lightest pale ales to the deepest, full-bodied stouts and strong ales. All the sugars that ferment to produce the alcohol come naturally from the malts themselves with no additional sugar being added that would dumb-down the flavour.

The hops we use are natural whole hop cones rather than processed hops as we feel this beers with natural hop flavours and aromas. The hops used in each brew are blended from the multitude of hops available, not only from Britain but from all over the world to produce the many different hop flavours and aromas so beloved in modern beers. All our hops are sourced from Charles Faram & Co Ltd. who are located in Newland at the foot of the Malvern hills.

All the beers are available in cask to be drunk on draught from your local pub and also in bottles to be enjoyed at home.

The bottle beers are all naturally conditioned by the action of yeast on the residual sugars within the beer producing the carbon dioxide that gives the head and natural mouth-feel. The beer in the bottle is a live product and has a small yeast deposit in the bottom, so should be poured carefully to avoid transferring it to the glass to give a nice clear drink. No finings are used in the bottled beers making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians and they have all been accredited by Camra to carry the ‘Real Ale in the Bottle’ logo.

Quantock Nightjar 3.9%Quantock Stout 4.5%Quantock Milestone 7.0%Sunraker 4.2%White Hind 4.5%Quantock Stag 6.0%Wills Neck 4.3%UXB 9.0%